HOECKER™ is an exclusively Australian owned company established since 2004. Hoecker EBS has been operating as the market leading supplier of marquees and temporary buildings to the Australian events industry for over 20 years to the extent that the “HOECKER™” brand has become synonymous for these types of structures within the industry.

Today, HOECKER™ caters for a range of permanent and temporary structures including administration and school buildings, remote housing, warehouse and storage and large enclosures for community pools and recreation facilities. With manufacturing in Australia, and with supply sources ex-Asia, each structure is engineered, fit for purpose and certifies in accordance with the Building Code of Australia.

With 100% factory prefabrication, HOECKER™ offers unbeatable quality and value for money with functional buildings that can be assembled, extended, taken down or relocated with the minimal amount of disruption at an unparalleled speed of construction. The system can accommodate a wide range of wall claddings in addition to the traditional PVC textile roof and wall coverings. Component parts are recyclable and designed for ease of assembly and disassembly with semi-skilled site labour.

In addition to HOECKER’S™ portal frame system, the Company distributes a modular, fully engineered building panel system, used primarily for the construction of remote housing and two storey administration buildings, as a highly attractive and fast-track alternative to traditional bricks and mortar construction.

Hoecker is working to establish itself as the leader in the building industry for the supply of quality building systems that meet the needs of today’s market for cost effective, fast-to-construct, quality buildings.


Clear spans from 10m to 30m
Building lengths in grids expandable in 5m increments
Heights of up to 4.2m readily achievable
Adaptable in configuration and size
Accommodates wide range of energy efficient wall claddings and roof linings
Component parts are recyclable and interchangeable
Designed for ease of assembly and disassembly
Folding Marquees
Car Parking Covers

Industrial Sheds
Temporary Buildings
Portable Homes
pool enclosures - aquatic centres
administration buildings
school buildings
remote housing

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