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HOECKER™ offers modular car park shades that can be installed in office buildings and apartment complexes to shopping centres and arcades. We supply car park shelter systems that give an aesthetic look and are also weather resistant.

Our fully engineered car park solutions provide maximum cover for vehicles and people below by using a PVC membrane. The incorporation of Single and Double Bay modules means all areas of the car park are covered.

Aesthetics, strength, durability, practicality, comfort, UV protection, value and excellent craftsmanship are the hallmarks of all Shelter Group solutions, with customer service and attention to detail being our top priorities. We offer a wide variety of shade solutions that use the latest technologies, best materials and sound construction methods. We can design and construct the ideal shade solution for your situation.


• By using UV stabilised fabrics that reflect the damaging rays of the sun and minimize radiated heat through less heat absorption – no insulation required.

• Lights are not required even on overcast days due to the even spread of “natural light” that is allowed through the fabrics which saves on high power cost and leave no shadows of dark corners.
• When lights are used inside at night time the container shelter shape and fabric reflection naturally creates a far superior soft even spread of light.

Easier to Install and Dismantle
• You can save more money because our container shelters are easier and faster to install and dismantle, and can be easily relocated on the re-useable steel cradles supplied with every kit.

• Fabrics dampen sound waves and our container shelter shape also limits echoes resulting in a more controlled atmosphere unlike the flat surfaces of other options.
• Our container shelters have better acoustics due to the above factors and allow for clearer sound distribution if required.

• Our container shelters are designed and tested by Australian engineers to the exacting Win Codes and requirements of Australian Standards.
• A set of Engineering Plans are provided with every kit that are acceptable for most planning authorities.

More Resistant
• The fabrics used will not ‘rust’ in corrosive environments as they have no metallic content like other conventional options.

Lower Maintenance
• All fabric joins are lapped & welded together for maximum strength & resistance to water and air penetration.
• Less chance for leaks and drips than conventional methods with sometimes use thousands of roof penetrating screws that can loosen and rot creating unwanted maintenance costs.

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